Today’s Republican Party Does Not Represent Our Shared American Values


TO: Interested Parties

FROM: DNC CEO Jess O’Connell

DATE: October 11th, 2017

RE: Today’s Republican Party Does Not Represent Our Shared American Values

Today’s Republican Party does not represent our shared American values.

As a country, we expect our leaders to fight to expand opportunity for all, not take it away; stand up for the most vulnerable; treat others with the dignity and respect they deserve; and hold themselves to a moral standard and try to set an example for future generations.

These are not the values of today’s Republican Party.

Time and again, Republicans have tried to take health care away from millions of Americans; they have tried to rollback consumer protections; they have attacked women’s rights; they have threatened to tear apart families; and they have repeatedly sided with corporations and the top 1% over middle-class families and American workers.

One look at some of the Republican Party’s recent actions and it’s clear that they not only cannot lead, but they do not represent our shared values. Americans deserve better. And that is why Democrats will not stop fighting for equality, opportunity and inclusivity for every American across the country.

Recent Polling:

Suffolk University/USA Today poll (10.5.17): “The Republican Party is in freefall”

· “The Republican Party is in freefall” — Suffolk University poll director

· 62% of voters have an unfavorable view of the Republican Party.

· 43% of voters look to congressional Democrats to protect families when it comes to health care, compared to 15% who trust President Trump on health care and less than 10% trust the Republican Party.

· Nearly 57% say they want to see a Congress elected in 2018 that will stand up against Trump.

CNN Poll (9.25.17): Republican Party favorability hits new lows

· Only 29% of Americans hold a favorable view of the Republican Party — the lowest mark for the GOP since CNN began asking the question in 1992.

· Overall approval of the Republican Party’s leadership is down to 20%, a new low in CNN polling back to 2008.

· Just 39% of Republicans approve of the job GOP leaders are doing.

Quinnipiac Poll (9.27.17): Voters disapprove of the job Republicans are doing

· Voters disapprove 78–15% of the job Republicans in Congress are doing. Even Republican voters disapprove 61–32%.

Pew Research Center (9.17.17): Republican leaners less accepting of “Republican” label

· 65% of Republican-leaning independents say the term “Republican” describes them not to well or not at all well — last year 48% said the descriptor Republican fit them well.

Recent Actions:

· While President Obama put policies in place to keep DREAMers in the United States, the Trump administration not only rescinded those actions, but released a set of hard-line principles which will tie a deal to protect DREAMers to egregious immigration enforcement measures and changes to our immigration laws that will break up families, including turning away children fleeing violence.

· Mike Pence wasted an estimated $242,500 of taxpayer dollars to pull a political stunt by traveling to an NFL game, only to leave early during the national anthem, and the Trump campaign is now fundraising off the controversy.

· While Democrats are doing everything they can to advance women’s health care, Trump reversed the ACA’s contraceptive coverage that allowed women to make their own health decisions and gain access to contraception with no out-of-pocket costs.

· Attorney General Jeff Sessions stripped protections against discrimination in the workplace for transgender persons under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.

· Tom Price, Steven Mnuchin, Scott Pruitt, Betsy DeVos, Ryan Zinkeand Rick Perry have all unnecessarily wasted taxpayer dollars.

· While Democrats advocate for commonsense measures to reduce gun violence, Senator John Thune’s best answer to the rash of mass shootings in America was to advise people to “get small” if they found themselves in the midst of one.

· Trump blamed Puerto Rico for the devastation Hurricane Maria wrought on the island to give himself cover for his administration’s bungled response.

· Senator Ron Johnson suggested that food, shelter, clothing and health care were not rights, but rather privileges and limited resources.

· Rep. Tim Murphy, who has boasted about his pro-life credentials and pushed abortion restrictions, asked the woman with whom he had anaffair to have an abortion.

· Senate Candidate Roy Moore’s Facebook page shared inflammatorymemes and an article praising Russia’s anti-gay laws.

· Republicans failed to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provides health care to almost 9 million children, and Senator Pete Sessions said that reauthorizing it was not “dire or urgent.”

· While Democrats want to work in a bipartisan manner to improve on the Affordable Care Act, not make it worse, Senator Chuck Grassley said he could give ten reasons why the Graham-Cassidy bill was a bad idea, but the Republican campaign promise to repeal Obamacare was more important than the bill’s substance.

· While Democrats fight for comprehensive immigration reform, Rep. Steve King said DACA recipients should continue to “live in the shadows.”

· While Democrats believe that not one penny should go to corporations and the top 1%, initial analysis of Trump and the Republican Party’s tax proposal shows that it would benefit the rich and almost no one else — it would even increase taxes more many middle-class families.



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