BREAKING: More LGBTQ Statewide and Federal Democratic Nominees than Ever Before

  • 11 LGBTQ people for statewide office
  • This includes 4 for governor (CO, OR, TX and VT), each of whom represents a different segment of the LGBTQ community.
  • 13 LGBTQ people for federal office in both houses of Congress
  • Joy Silver (SD-28)
  • Sonia Aery (AD-03)
  • Jackie Smith (AD-06)
  • Sunday Gover (AD-77)
  • Park Cannon (HD-58): first openly queer woman of color elected in Georgia
  • Renitta Shannon (HD-84): first openly bisexual woman of color to serve in Georgia.
  • Karla Drennan (HD-85): first openly lesbian member of the Georgia House of Representatives
  • Sam Park (HD-101): first openly gay Asian American elected in Georgia and first openly gay man elected to the state legislature
  • Thomasina Marsili (HD-46)
  • Joe Lannan (HD-63)
  • Sarah Stivers (HD-70)
  • Melinda Miller (SD-31)
  • John McManus (HD-41)
  • Zach Dickerson (HD-42)
  • Rebecca Howard (HD-53)
  • Jeremy Blake (HD-71)
  • Garrett Baldwin (HD-85)
  • Taylor Sappington (HD-94)
  • Brandon Anderson (SD-45)
  • Allison Dahle (HD-11)
  • Marcia Morgan (HD-19)
  • Dan Whitten (HD-15)
  • Deb Butler (HD-18)
  • Linda Bennett (HD-26)
  • Cecil Brockman (HD-60)



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