Building a More Perfect Future, Together

Chairman Jaime Harrison’s Remarks from the 2021 DNC Winter Meeting

Hello, everyone. Thank you to President Biden and Vice President Harris for having the faith and confidence in me to lead our party and to serve our nation during these historic and uncertain times.

By Cheyenne Davis

Hi there, I’m Cheyenne Davis, Director of the Best Practices Institute, which is the new shared training department of the DNC and the Association of State Democratic Committees!

Today I’m here with some really exciting news for all of you — as of last week, our Best…

Hi, I’m Meg DiMartino, the digital organizing director at the DNC! 👋

My team here is responsible for using digital tools to organize voters and online communities to take offline action like volunteering or voting, and I could not be luckier to get to do that every day.

I know…

Last fall, we saw firsthand what Democrats can achieve when we work together. Our victories in 2018 were made possible through an incredible grassroots team that invested early to create the robust, well-resourced party infrastructure necessary to win.

We need to execute the same winning strategy right now, in 2019…

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